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How to Correctly Utilize a Forklift
Lift trucks are material handling equipment that could move cargo. Most commonly, these machines are utilized in some industries to transport heavy supplies in various environments such as airports, supply companies and warehouses. Anybody operating a forklift must be taught to carefully utilize the machine. It is vital to be totally aware of one's environment when operating a forklift. Lift trucks are designed to run on gasoline, propane, diesel or batteries. Regular lift trucks are common in a wide range of commercial applications and are not difficult to use with proper training. The following steps outline the basics of utilizing a lift truck:

1 Get familiar with all the levers that are used to move and maneuver the load from place to another location. The levers can be found to the right of the steering wheel.
2 The first lever could move the tines down and up. Pulling the lever towards you moves the forks up, and pushing the lever away from your body moves them down. Blades should be kept close to the ground except when loading or unloading.
3 The other two levers control the tilt as well as the right/left movement of the blades. The forks are designed to tilt between 15 and 30 degrees. It is better that you practice before picking up a load. Using the second lever, pull it towards you to tilt the blades back, and push it away from your body to tilt the tines forward.
4 The third lever is moved side to side to control the fork's movement from right to left. Simply move the lever in the direction of where you would like the blades to move: left in order to move the tines left, and right to move the blades right.
5 Always approach a cargo cautiously. Lower the blades and drive forward carefully until the blades slide under the cargo. After that lift the tines several centimeters by pulling the lever towards your body. If the cargo is top-heavy, you must tilt the tines backwards a small amount for balance.
6 Safe driving rules include slowly taking corners and honking to alert pedestrians or other employees that the forklift is approaching. Approach the place where you will be working with caution. Manipulate the levers to maneuver the cargo to where it is going. When the load is positioned, reverse gears and back away carefully.
7 Lift trucks stop pretty much the same way as other vehicles. The brake is situated to the left of the accelerator. Once stopped, put the gear into "park."

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