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Gresham Forklift Parts - The city of Gresham, Oregon is the states fourth largest city, at nearly 105,000 residents. The city is situated in the County of Multnomah east of Portland.

The community was first known as a campground for pioneers who were going to the Willamette Valley and Portland. The city was not able to receive its status until it first established a postal code and post office. A local business man offered his store as a post office and suggested naming the city after an American Civil War General, Postmaster General Walter Quinton Gresham. In 1884, the post office was established, and during the year 1905 Gresham was incorporated as a city with its very first mayor, Lewis Shattuck.

Gresham residents believe that art is an essential and inspirational part of any successful community. The city has attracted various artists and grown a vibrant local arts scene. A focal point of cultural activity is City Hall, with public art exhibitions on a regular basis. The city's artists are supported by the local government by providing gallery space and by acquiring art from local artists.

Every year, the Gresham Art Walk features almost 100 artists from throughout southwest Washington and Oregon. Visitors can enjoy live music while meeting artists and browsing locally produced pottery, paintings, photography, beadwork, textiles and glass work. Gresham's downtown has several one-of-a-kind boutiques and farmers markets. At Gresham Station shoppers have access to 50 nationally known shops and restaurants.

Gresham area outdoor activities include the scenic Columbia River Gorge and Mt. Hood National Forest. The Columbia Gorge National Scenic Area is a 130 km passageway that formed during the Missoula floods about 13,000 to 15,000 years ago. Outdoor enthusiasts could enjoy the following activities at the Gorge: swimming, camping, hiking, fishing, wildlife viewing, birding, boating, photography, rock climbing, picnicking, windsurfing and mountain biking.

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