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Oregon Forklift Parts - Oregon is a state within the USA, situated within the Northwest on the Pacific shoreline. Salem is the state capital, but Portland is the most populous city. Oregon State is bounded by the state of California to the south, the state of Washington to the north, Nevada to the southeast and Idaho towards the east. The Columbia River delineates the northern boundary and the Snake River delineates the eastern boundary.

The landscape of Oregon is rather diverse, from the rainy Pacific shore and its forests of Douglas Firs and Redwoods; to the high desert of the east, that extends into the Great Basin; to the rugged Cascade Mountain Range with waterfalls and lakes. The eastern part of Oregon has deserts, prairies, meadows, semi-arid shrublands and steppes. The highest elevation within Oregon State is 11,249 feet at Mount Hood.

Indigenous tribes initially inhabited the area prior to the arrival of European settlers. An autonomous government was formed within Oregon Country during the year 1843 and the Oregon Territory was created in 1848. During 1859, Oregon became a state.

Oregon has a population of 3.8 million, much of which is concentrated in the cities located in the valley of the Willamette River in western Oregon. Portland's population is 583,776.

The state's only national park is Crater Lake National Park, that has one of the deepest lakes within the world.

The Willamette Valley is a fertile region because of deposits onto the valley floor of lake sediment from Glacial Lake Missoula in western Montana. Oregon State is a leading producer of hazelnuts and produces practically all of the domestic hazelnuts sold within the US. Oregon State is a leading wine-producing area with over 300 wineries. Wine production has been a substantial trade for around forty years. The region has the same soil qualities and weather condition to those located within the Alsace and Burgundy regions of France. Cranberry production is situated along the Southern coast covering roughly 27,000 acres in southern Coos and northern Curry counties, surrounding Bandon.

Dry and irrigated land wheat is grown within the northeastern region of Oregon, specifically around Pendleton. The state also produces dairy products, cattle, eggs, sheep and poultry.

Due to its extensive forests, Oregon State used to be one of the nation's main producers of timber. Lots of factors have caused a vast decline in the timber harvested from federal lands. Legal struggles over management of federal holdings, over-harvesting and forest fires have reduced timber production.

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