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Medford Forklift Parts - The city of Medford, Oregon serves as the county seat of Jackson County and has a projected population of approximately 75,000 residents. The metro Medford areas consists of a population over 205,000 people, that makes it the 4th largest metro area in the state of Oregon. Medford was named after the town of Medford, in the state of Massachusetts, the home town of civil engineer David Loring, who was the right-of-way agent for the California and Oregon Railroad and amongst the men charged with finding the best route for the railroad through the Rogue Valley. In the year 1883, S.L. Dolson and Loring, along with their group of surveyors, arrived in Rock Point, near present day Gold Hill. The nearby community of Jacksonville wanted the railroad to pass between their town and Hanley Butte, but the decision was made to stake the railroad nearer Bear Creek, the location of present day Medford.

The early economy of Medford was driven mostly by the timber and agriculture industries. The region presently produces a lot of pears, peaches and viticulture grapes. Medford company Harry and David Operations Corp. is the largest direct marketer of fruits and food gifts within the nation and the biggest employer within Southern Oregon. The company employs approximately 1,700 people with an additional 6,700 employees hired on a seasonal basis within the Medford area. Harry and David Operations Corp. is a local business established in 1910.

There is almost 460,000 who reside in Southern Oregon and Northern California who rely upon the city of Medford. During 2008, the Greater Medford Area saw retail sales in excess of $7.5 billion dollars. Since there are no towns of equal or larger size within hundreds of kilometers, many area inhabitants come to the city of Medford for their medical services, making health care a major local industry. Providence Medford Medical Center and Rogue Valley Medical Center employ over 2,000 individuals. Numerous area inhabitants prefer the city of Medford for their retirement, making assisted living and senior services a growing part of the economy.

Other businesses within the city of Medford include Benchmark Maps, which produces detailed atlases and maps; Pacific International Enterprises, a film production company; and Falcon Northwest, a personal computer manufacturing company. Medford is the location of the head office of Lithia Motors, among the largest auto retailers within the United States.

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