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Advance-Nilfisk Part

Advance-Nilfisk Part

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Advance-Nilfisk Parts - Think about how long and tedious it would actually be to tidy up after a party, without help from equipment. Previously, the dirt from carpets and upholstery had to be beat out of them manually; brushes, cleaning cloths and brooms were the leading cleaning products back then.

P.A. Fisker, the man who established Nilfisk-Advance, was an electrical engineer who really loved working with electrical motors. Starting the business in the year 1906, he started to produce motors to drive machine tools, coffee grinders, drills and fans. Mr. Fisker's dream from the beginning was to own a global company selling products globally.

The Nilfisk C1 was a revolutionary breakthrough in the cleaning business. Mr. Fisker invented an amazing, ground breaking vacuum cleaner that can be operated by a single individual in view of the fact that it only weighed 17.5 kilos! This creation came in a time where various cleaning machines were huge and required at least 4 operators, therefore, the Nilfisk C1 changed everything and developed the manner we clean forever. The mastermind behind these first cleaning equipment remains unparalleled. Cleaning equipment provide a brilliant solution to an existing problem; stuff get filthy and have to be cleaned on a regular basis, without a lot of effort.

Gradually, the business Nilfisk-Advance grew through the years. In the the early part of the nineteen eighties the company developed fast when the company became a part of the NKT Group. With new owners on board, they concentrated on driving Nilfisk-Advance forward within the trade, trying to be an active international player in producing professional cleaning machines. Nilfisk-Advance is presently represented in all parts of the globe due to gradually obtaining lots of small businesses to be able to grow their product portfolio and presence in new markets. They are proud to present a range of cleaning solutions to fit every requirement.

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