A substantial amount of work is required

A substantial amount of work is required

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has placed on hold its review of Ambre Energy's application to build a coal shipping terminal on the Columbia River at the Port of Morrow near Boardman.

The Corps' Portland District took the action because the Oregon Department of State Lands has denied authorization of the shipping terminal's construction. The state's decision is being appealed.

Portland District Commander Col. Jose Aguilar decided that continuing the Corps' evaluation at this time is inappropriate, given that it is unknown whether required state authorization will be granted, and because a substantial amount of work is required for the Corps to process the application.

If the state grants authorization for the project to continue, Coyote Island Terminals -- Ambre Energy's subsidiary -- can ask the Corps to resume its permit review.

"Ambre's coal export proposal is dead in the water," said Brett VandenHeuvel of the Power Past Coal coalition. "Without federal and state permits, Ambre cannot start exporting U.S. coal on uncovered coal trains that would pollute land and water along the Columbia River.

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